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Why research matters

Right now, there are three million Queenslanders living with some form of chronic disease. That’s three quarters of the population living with constant pain or struggling to breathe.

Chronic disease is an underlying factor in 90% of deaths in Australia. One-third of deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease. It kills nearly 50,000 Australians each year. And while death rates are falling, the cost of treating heart disease is growing. It is the single biggest cost to the health system.

We’re all in this together. While many chronic disease problems are preventable through lifestyle changes, there is a significant portion of the community for whom prevention is not an option. These people need treatment. We need new surgical techniques to improve recovery, new drugs to target specific cancer cells, new ways to see inside our bodies and detect the tiniest hint of disease before it spreads, new ways to prevent infection.

We need research. We need you.

Priorities & Projects

Few people realise the low cost of research, or who pays and what actually happens. Research always seems to be never-ending – taking many, many years to achieve a ‘breakthrough’.